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Michael Hernandez, CFP®

Michael Hernandez, CFP®

LPL Wealth Advisor

I have been a registered financial advisor and certified financial planner for over 25 years. I enjoy working in every aspect of the industry. When first starting my career, I was a financial compliance officer. My expertise flows to many aspects of the financial world which makes me reliable and knowledgeable to handle such an important part of everyone’s lives and futures. With that said, there are certain areas of finance I find that play to my financial vitality. Investments, retirement, insurance and estate planning are my top four strengths and strategies for financial confidence. Each area is important singularly but when you can collectively manage them all together it can be the key to unlock the door of your financial health. My planning methods are aimed at helping my clients invest efficiently, reduce tax exposure, retire comfortably, address insurance needs and provide a strategic plan to transfer wealth to loved ones.

As a father, who has had to plan for the financial future of my children and myself, I take pride in helping my clients address their financial challenges. My son and daughter inspire me to work hard as a role model and for their future success. I strive to preserve my client’s assets as I would my family’s by assessing and managing risk, creating a budget for short-term and long-term goals, evaluating economic conditions and developing strategies to increase financial efficiency.

I enjoy being active and am constantly on the go, whether it is researching new strategies, going to a meeting out of the office, watching my son play soccer or volleyball, hiking with my daughter or golfing with friends. Overall health is my way of living; financially, mentally and physically. No one can predict what the future holds but being prepared is something that everyone wishes they could do. I started as an eager financial apprentice and have worked hard in gaining my financial education to become the branch manager and partner to our IWM Partners firm family. IWM Partners is a reflection of our consolidated dedication and pride to the industry and our clients.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

             - Phil Jackson, Former Player & NBA Head Coach